Instant access to an amazing online calendar!

Instant access to an amazing online calendar!

Google offers a completely FREE service that immediately makes your iPhone’s calendar easier to use and just flat out more functional.

Do you rarely use your phone’s calendar feature because you don’t want to have to sync it up to your computer constantly? How would you like to be able to enter an appointment on your phone, and have it get transferred automatically to your online calendar? Are you sick and tired of always missing appointments because you just can’t figure out how to set simple reminders!?

Well have I got a product for YOU! It’s called Google Calendar, and it’s the best way to manage reminders and appointments on your iPhone – since you also get access to a free online calendar that is always up to date!

Here’s how to start using it in under 5 minutes. It’s a little hairy to set up the first time, but once you’re up and running it shouldn’t require any more fiddling around.

Prerequisites: An iPhone (updated with the latest software), a computer with an internet connection, and a Google or Gmail account (don’t have one yet? Get one for free at this link, they are quite useful:

Once you have all of the above, just follow this handy step by step list:

  1. backupiphoneBackup the data on your phone. You can do this by plugging your phone into your computer and opening iTunes. Once its open and the phone pops up in the devices list, right-click on the phone and click backup
  2. Open up “Settings” from your home screen, then click on “Mail, Contacts, and Calendars”. Just like when you added your first email account.
  3. Tap on “Add Account”, and then choose “Microsoft Exchange” I know you’re thinking… ”But I want a Google account not a Microsoft Exchange account!” Well, Microsoft Exchange is actually the technology that drives the Google Calendar functionality, but “pushing” out updates to your phone whenever they happen. So rest assured, we’re on the right track.
  4. Pay attention now…
    1. Leave the Domain field blank
    2. Put in your full email address that is associated with your Google Account (including the This is important, if you just put in the first part of your username it won’t work.
    3. Enter your Google Account Password, which may be different from your regular account password.
    4. Tap Next on the top
  5. Almost done…
    1. Press Accept if it asks you about verifying certificates.
    2. At the top of the page should now be a field that is called “Server” – put there.
    3. Press Next
    4. You’re done! Now select the accounts that you want to use, if you’re only interested in the Google Calendar feature then turn Mail and Contacts to off. 

Now go to and sign in to play around. Anything you add on the website will be sent to your phone, and vice versa! Welcome to the world of automatically syncing calendars!

Advanced Users: If you have a Gmail account that you frequently use anyways, you should probably leave the Mail and Contacts turned on. This will enable “push” email to your phone, as opposed to your phone having to check every 15 or 30 minutes to see if there are new messages. That means you’ll get alerted immediately whenever you have a new message. If you do this, make sure to disable your old Gmail account that is listed under “Mail, Contacts, Calendars.”


My dad asked me a great question: How does this work with an already existing iCal or Outlook setup? Well, the answer is a little complicated, but once you get it set up properly you won’t have to worry about it ever again. First, we need to import all of your appointments from iCal or Outlook into your new Google Calendar account…follow this link for instructions:

Once you have all of your existing appointments in your Google Calendar, then you just need to add your Google Calendar back into iCal or Outlook if you want to continue to be able to use that. Basically what you’re doing here is linking all of your data to one account which can be accessed by your iPhone, iCal, Outlook, or the Google Calendar website. To see how to add the account into iCal, click on this link:

Need more help? Check out Google’s official help page for using Google Sync: