Just wanted to throw out a quick tip for those of you who are interested in holding online meetings or webinars. There is a fantastic web application available (for free!!) called DimDim that I came across a few months back. It is a great alternative for another product that is commonly used that begins with a Web and ends with an Ex.

With dimdim you can host meetings, with video and audio, screen-sharing, whiteboard sharing, and document viewing – all for 20 members at a time.

I have had great success with it recently, and am looking forward to using it for some webinars I have coming up soon! As usual, I am in no way affiliated with dimdim nor have I ever spoken with them; I’m just very impressed with their product and wanted to help spread the word.

Check it out if you have a spare moment, and try to remember if you’re trying to have an online meeting with some potential clients!