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iPhone App Development: Part 1 – Tools for the Job

Xcode Logo

The first qualification for developing an iPhone app is owning a Mac, so you can download, install, and run Xcode. Xcode is available for free and without a subscription – but it can only be installed on a Mac with Snow Leopard. You’ll need an Apple ID in order to sign up.
Once you have your [...]

iPhone App Development: Intro – From Zero to App Store

simple iphone app

Introducing a series of articles detailing my experiences learning to develop and creating a real iPhone App.
Like a freight train, mobile apps have gone from rare to ubiquitous and show no signs of slowing down- all starting with the introduction of the Apple App Store a few years back. Before the app store, apps used [...]

the best keyboard shortcut ever

the firefox address bar

Once you get over your initial fear of the internet, there are plenty of quick and simple things you can do to make your time spent more enjoyable and easier. By far, the best and most useful shortcut I have come across is for quickly typing in website addresses.

spotting an ad

this is an ad... pretty easy to spot.

While browsing around the internet, inevitably you will be faced with an ad. They come in all shapes and sizes, but traditionally will be in a long horizontal rectangle on the top of a page, a long vertical rectangle on the side of the page, or a random box in various places.

look before you click!

look at the bottom bar when holding the mouse pointer over the link in question

As we all know by now, email is a favorite medium for less-than-honest individuals to wreak havoc on unsuspecting prey. These troublemakers are much more clever than you’d guess, but luckily we reputable internet users have the ultimate leverage (besides expensive anti-virus this and that)…careful clicking!! Click to read more!