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Apple taking WiFi iPad preorders March 12, shipping April 3

via arstechnica.com
It seems as though the “magical” iPad will be in customers hands by early April! Strangely though, the 3G model won’t be available for an additional month…
We’ll know soon enough if my initial problems with the device materialize!

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merry christmas!

Merry Christmas Everyone!
Its time to put down the iPod, shut off the DVR, and go spend some quality time with your kith and kin. Hopefully by now you’ve got all your batteries charged and your memory cards cleaned out, and are ready to capture some once in a lifetime memories. Trust me, the internet will [...]

burning camcorder movies to DVD

Got a question here from “Brandon”:
I have some home movies on my computer but want to burn them onto dvds.  I am assuming that I need a dvd burner but I basically have no idea what I am doing.  Thanks
The easiest way I have found to burn DVD’s from home movies is using a free [...]

Because the real H1N1 wasn’t bad enough


Beware everyone, there is a new spammy email going around claiming to be from the CDC, and suggesting that if you fill out a form you can get approved for an H1N1 shot.
Please remember that there is no statewide list of email addresses for citizens, so your state clearly has no way of sending out [...]

no mom, you did not win a free anything

Would any reputable firm make an ad that looks like this? *My apologies in advance to the company that made this ad...

Even though that advertisement says otherwise, NO – you did not win a free iPod (TM Apple – I hate that I have to do that…).

You also did not win a free trip to Cancun, free dinner and a movie, or a free gift card. Come to think of it, you will likely never win anything for free on the internet, ever. Click to read more!