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Choosing the Right Web Platform

Just because Facebook and Twitter are free, it certainly doesn’t imply that they are right for everyone. I recently presented at a seminar to small and medium business owners about the strategy behind selecting the proper web platform for a new business initiative, as seen below.
Choosing the right Web Platform:

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Choosing the Right Web [...]

the facebook paradox

Do Not Distub!!

Sigh. Another Facebook privacy policy update…another user pushback.

This time, numerous complaints have been filed with the United States Government, and even more have likely been sent directly to Facebook. It has become clear (at least to me) that there is a logically flawed startegy here…

stay away from my phone…unless there’s a free sandwich involved


Hands down, the best use of mobile marketing that I have experienced so far is from Arby’s. Back during the Brew Crew season, they aired a commercial that said something along the lines of “Text ‘roastburger’ to short code 54321 to get your very own free roastburger!”

the beginning of the end for the app store?

Screenshot of Home Run Derby 3D by Com2Us

Maybe its just me, but I can’t remember the last time I got excited to hear about an iPhone app. This is a scary thought, because I would consider myself slightly more exciteable than the average bear when it comes to new software or games – just ask me how I feel about New Super Mario Brothers for Wii.

how to remove internal traffic from your GAnalytics!


Are you trying to figure out exactly how many of your uniques are coming from your own internal traffic? Well wonder no more with Google Analytics Filters!
I wish someone had give me this tip a few years back when I first started using Google for their outstanding (and free!) analytics software. I can’t imagine anyone [...]

the true value from facebook fan pages?

Facebook Logo

A brief but quantitative look at how Facebook Fan Pages relate to the marketing and advertising budget of a small or local business. You’d be surprised at the results! Click to read more…