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filesize relativity

The concept of data storage can be difficult to comprehend. While most people know that a gigabyte or a terabyte are very very big, they don’t understand how they translate to real life. Since data storage and hard drives are so conceptually unusual, lets take a look at how to better understand them.
Firstly, hard drives [...]

burning camcorder movies to DVD

Got a question here from “Brandon”:
I have some home movies on my computer but want to burn them onto dvds.  I am assuming that I need a dvd burner but I basically have no idea what I am doing.  Thanks
The easiest way I have found to burn DVD’s from home movies is using a free [...]

FREE music!!


While trying to figure out a slightly clever title to this post, I wanted to make sure I made my point clear. I’m so determined to spread the word, there was no room for confusion or misinterpretation. Thus, here we are with: FREE music!!

how internet searches find your results about bacon


Lets take a quick look at what REALLY happens when you search (it surprisingly lacks sorcery/witchcraft of any kind)…because you better get rid of that bacon stain before it sets permanently!

reviewing the review sites

To go, or not to go...

While it’s all the rage these days to go to a website called “Google” and search for a new restaurant or plumber, unfortunately you still have just as much risk of finding a dud as you would in the phone book. After a few attempts, most people quickly realizes that just because a business is [...]

5 tech things to do during a blizzard

courtesy of Dalboz17 from flickr

As beautiful as a fresh snowfall can be, it also brings with it the prospect for a lot less pleasant thoughts…shoveling, icy roads, commuting nightmares, bitter cold, and dirty wet dogs jumping up on your furniture.
Lots of people had a tough time getting into work today, and others had a tough time even getting out [...]

follow the pack(ers) using twitter!

me, before using twitter for sports updates

Everybody listen up. I know I know that some people have a natural aversion to Twitter. I get it. I’m one of you. But lets set the record straight…Click to read more!

holiday tech tips for moms and dads


Whether its baby’s first Christmas or baby’s 27th Christmas, chances are as a parent you’re going to have some memories that you’ll want to preserve from this holiday season. Here at Whats A Cookie, we want to help you use all the gadgets you have to HELP this year, instead of getting in the way [...]

Because the real H1N1 wasn’t bad enough


Beware everyone, there is a new spammy email going around claiming to be from the CDC, and suggesting that if you fill out a form you can get approved for an H1N1 shot.
Please remember that there is no statewide list of email addresses for citizens, so your state clearly has no way of sending out [...]