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iPhone App Development: Part 1 – Tools for the Job

Xcode Logo

The first qualification for developing an iPhone app is owning a Mac, so you can download, install, and run Xcode. Xcode is available for free and without a subscription – but it can only be installed on a Mac with Snow Leopard. You’ll need an Apple ID in order to sign up.
Once you have your [...]

iPhone App Development: Intro – From Zero to App Store

simple iphone app

Introducing a series of articles detailing my experiences learning to develop and creating a real iPhone App.
Like a freight train, mobile apps have gone from rare to ubiquitous and show no signs of slowing down- all starting with the introduction of the Apple App Store a few years back. Before the app store, apps used [...]

Apple announces the 27″ MacbookAirPad

Introducing the Macbook Air Pad

I would be remiss to not mention at least SOMETHING about the freshly announced iPad today. There is so much to talk about, but yet not much of it is positive…