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host your own free web conferences!

Tired of the ridiculous expense and limited features of your usual online meeting provider? I know I am…check out this amazing new alternative I came across recently called dimdim! Just don’t ask me what the name means…

the best keyboard shortcut ever

the firefox address bar

Once you get over your initial fear of the internet, there are plenty of quick and simple things you can do to make your time spent more enjoyable and easier. By far, the best and most useful shortcut I have come across is for quickly typing in website addresses.

holiday tech tips for moms and dads


Whether its baby’s first Christmas or baby’s 27th Christmas, chances are as a parent you’re going to have some memories that you’ll want to preserve from this holiday season. Here at Whats A Cookie, we want to help you use all the gadgets you have to HELP this year, instead of getting in the way [...]